Remodeling Trends, Value Remodeling Aging In Place and Universal Design

Quick Update on the Remodeling Industry:

The next several years will focus on value remodeling and Universal Design.

The types of remodeling projects that people choose will add value to a home, while at the same time providing greater livability and long term use.  With the economic trends and future expectations, more and more people are choosing to include Mother-In-Law additions, income properties and projects that allow familes and their children to live together for longer periods of time.

A large amount of these remodeling projects are done with aging in mind. According to the NAHB, about 62 percent of builders surveyed in 2010 were working on home modification projects due to aging. “We aging baby boomers are spending money to make our homes more accessible,” says Ed Dion. “Everything from grab bars over the tub, to retrofitting homes to fit an elevator somewhere.” Many builders expect boomers to dictate the market as the population continues to age.

Grab Bar

Aging in Place Remodeling Add Ons

Keystone Building and Design – Contact us for estimates on value remodeling, Aging-In-Place and Universal Design projects.

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